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  • Ghosts Before Breakfast

    Ghosts Before Breakfast


    A dadaist German experimental film, that has some wacky editing and some enticing imagery to represent everyday objects (such as hats) attacking or running away from us.

    I get heavy vibes of From Morning to Midnight (without the extreme Caligari features), Jean Cocteau and some of the editing predates Maya Deren for me.

    I find it sad that it would probably one of the last experimental films that would be featured in Germany before Nazis took over, barring some expressionistic…

  • Glumov's Diary

    Glumov's Diary


    A film about critiques of ideologies (whether religious or political) used with great cinematography, editing techniques and cinematic manipulation subtly goes to show what Eisenstein would achieve later.

    I heard it is based on Ostrovsky's play, which you can kind of tell with the obvious portrayal of vaudeville, considering it is only 4 minutes, I am quite interested to see what Eisenstein could've done more with this film if he could put the whole play ambitiously, especially with the comedic satires, which some we could see.

    It goes to show how much more of Eisenstein's filmography I should see (I only seen Battleship Potemkin to date).

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  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    I got this film for my birthday, and before I say anything in-depth (or at least attempt to), may I preface that: Wow! Gina Rowlands and Peter Falk are superb in this, by far some of the greatest acting in the history cinema, of course alongside Maria Falconetti in The Passion of Joan of Arc and Alexander Kravchenko in Come and See.

    This film is a brilliant character study. It seems to focus on Mabel (Gina Rowlands) due to her…

  • Dead Man's Letters

    Dead Man's Letters


    A filmic masterpiece which drearily encapsulates a vision of humanity's end in a few days of radioactive mist. We see a man search for his son Eric, who constantly writes letters to but never successfully sends during the nuclear apocalypse (the letters give insight into his feelings, whether it be denial, optimism or despair, all narrated under a hopeless monotonous voice). Society slowly disintegrates into madness and hope fizzles into the abyss.

    This film is completely tinted in blue, dirty…