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  • Andrei Rublev

    Andrei Rublev


    Finally rewatched my favourite film for the first time in nine months, mainly due to real life commitments, but now to have rewatched it I can happily confirm it's still my favourite, eclipsing my other favourites. I was conflicted between this and The Colour of Pomegranates for three months, and now to have seen this again I feel that this outweigh any film. Yet this is difficult to review (alongside most Tarkovsky films, the only film of his I reviewed…

  • Pickpocket



    Third Bresson film in, and I become evermore convinced that his films, despite the ones I've seen only reach an hour and 20 minutes long, are closest to feel like novels as they have the same complex stories, subtleties and character emotion. So much happen within the running time, that Bresson somehow makes the film lengthy with all the complexities within the film, which creates a good effect on the chaos within Michel's life.

     Pickpocket, much like L'Argent, is about…

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  • Come and See

    Come and See


    Easily the most realistic, harrowing and horrifying (to use those words, there are a multitude of words to use for this) war film I've ever seen so far. The teenager who is the lead in the film uses probably the most realistic reactions and emotion in the film, the film doesn't mess about in how brutal and dark the themes are (including genocide, mental degradation, etc.). The music and sound design are flawless, to show a cacophany of sounds (almost…

  • Ugetsu



    An entrancing meditation on from rags to riches, romance and supernatural beings (it being based on a Japanese folktale), Mizoguchi takes on supernatural romance by blending bleak realism of 16th century war with eerie supernatural visuals of the beautiful, enchanting Lady Wasaka. He does it so naturally, that the thin line between reality and dream or metaphysics is torn asunder, creating a feverish masterpiece.

    The plot entails of two poor men; Genjūrō and Tōbei who live in a communal village,…