A Woman Under the Influence ★★★★★

I got this film for my birthday, and before I say anything in-depth (or at least attempt to), may I preface that: Wow! Gina Rowlands and Peter Falk are superb in this, by far some of the greatest acting in the history of cinema, of course alongside Maria Falconetti in The Passion of Joan of Arc and Alexander Kravchenko in Come and See.

This film is a brilliant character study. It seems to focus on Mabel (Gina Rowlands) due to her shocking behavior caused by her mental illness, and her husband and the family seem to be sympathetic and trying to cope with her. But as we stick with them longer, they slowly emerge to be dysfunctional, even cancerous in places, and almost seem to be the catalyst of her behavior, especially with the way they try to understand her behavior. The acting adds to this 100%, it makes it brutally realistic and it seems as if Cassavetes gave his wife the entire film as an excuse to give her the best acting performance ever, and God, did he.

Suffice to say, this film is brilliantly edited, almost like a diary of events of what happens as if the camera is saying nothing but shows us as if it is a recording at times. The colour scheme looks pretty despite its bleak theme.

Overall possibly my favourite American film, Cassavetes teaches a guild of American filmmakers on how a film should be done.

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