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  • An American Tail

    An American Tail


    Acting as a counterpoint to the complacency of 1980s Disney animation, Don Bluth’s box office hit An American Tail gave a darker, more serious edge to children animation at the time. Stitched together with abundant references to 19th century American immigration that most adult viewers would have trouble recognizing, such as the French construction of the originally copper colored Statue of Liberty and the dubious vote collecting methods of Tammany Hall, Bluth puts a clear storytelling priority to illuminating the…

  • The Meg

    The Meg


    Is this really what the world thinks of Americans: reckless, impulsive, unable to think five seconds ahead? Well, given that it's 2018, they're not wrong.

    In what's the second most ridiculous disaster movie premise of the year, The Meg stays remarkably tame in its potential as a giant shark eating oceanographers with advanced technology and who act like they’ve never been on a ship before. Instead, it sails along on its predictable and middling path, taking itself way too seriously…

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  • I Can Only Imagine

    I Can Only Imagine


    >"So we're still a band?"
    >"No, we're a family."
    >Cut to gorgeous aerial shot of the American Western landscape

    In what's bafflingly the most inconsistent film in terms of quality, I Can Only Imagine seems like a thought experiment of taking a script from the bottom of the Christian TV movie waste basket and deciding to give it quality acting, directing, and production design. The writing is flat out bad, filled with characters saying exactly what they're feeling, characters flipping…

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    If there's one thing that the 10 years of tinkering and perfecting the Marvel Cinematic mold can provide, it is a money-back guarantee that you will be entertained. Avengers: MacGuffin War can be described as ambitiously all-inclusive at best and irresponsibly indulgent at worst; you'll leave feeling stuffed and satiated. Whether that's a hearty meal or a sugar infused one depends on the expectations while watching it, but there's no doubt that Marvel once again delivers on its promise of…