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  • Attack of the Killer Donuts

    Attack of the Killer Donuts


    Attack of the killer donuts...
    Just the mere possibility of it is making me so nuts...
    Attack of the killer donuts...
    They'll rush you, crush you, put you in a sugar coma!

    I cannot in good judgement really recommend the movie, even though I want to, but I can fully endorse the theme song from the soundtrack:

  • 500 MPH Storm

    500 MPH Storm


    Tom Servo, Crow, and Gypsy, watching this blockbuster movie with me, let out a collective sigh of relief when the day appeared to be saved. Congratulations all around, we survived... the movie. Then I heard the sweetest words ever muttered on screen, "It's an F10. The Hypercane". We erupted in cheer, popcorn thrown high in the air, drinks spilled. There was more to this wild ride! I wiped a tear from my eye and sat back down.

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  • Fast Five

    Fast Five


    It's hard to adjust my expectations for any installment in the series. Just want it all to be about racing. We don't always get what we want though. We're now in big budget action territory. Hence The Rock joining the fun.

    The movie starts out solid for 40min with backstory and action. Then Walker says "we're going to need a team". At that point, we get 50 minutes ripping off Oceans 11 with a few shallow car related scenes because...…

  • Fast & Furious

    Fast & Furious


    Braga... Braga... Braga... Braga... yea we get it, the bad guys name is Braga. Does every character need to say it?

    Walker and Diesel are back, but they might as well not have been. Really nothing redeeming about this installment after the first scene. The action scenes in the tunnels are such a waste. No scenery, dark lighting, every shot looks the same. The only decent race scene, through LA with traffic, was tarnished by the annoying GPS CGI cut…

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  • Akira



    I'm a bit baffled. Had heard about this movie for a long time, seen it on many "top" lists, and yet somehow avoided it for 30 years. Maybe that was my mistake, the buildup, the expectations. Still, I think it was reasonable to expect Ghost in the Shell level of greatness, as many rank this higher.

    I thought the story was flimsy. It paid off to stick with the film, where the last 20 minutes were rich and detailed SF.…

  • Moonlight



    What a great piece of cinema. The story was gripping. The acting superb across the board. So it's crazy to feel that something stood above the rest. As I sit here after, absorbing the experience, I feel the cinematography had to have been on another level. Will need to watch again to figure out specifics, was too absorbed. I'm left feeling there was a physical intensity. It was tangible. It was remarkable.