Favorite films

  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Social Network
  • Moneyball
  • The Dark Knight

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  • Southpaw


  • Hotel Transylvania 2


  • Demolition Man


  • Hustle & Flow


Recent reviews

  • Bull Durham

    Bull Durham


    My Arizona Diamondbacks are having an exceptionally terrible start to the baseball season, so I needed something to keep my spirits up. If the D-backs keep performing this bad I will be watching a lot more baseball movies in the months to come.

  • Son of God

    Son of God

    Son of God truly does nothing more than preaching to the choir. I am not a religious person and I don't have to be to decide that this was an extremely unimaginative portrayal of Jesus' life. It felt to me like a cross between Jesus' Greatest Hits (all the miracles in the first) and a reprise of The Passion of the Christ (with all the blood and gore) in the second half. I was bored to tears by Son of God.

Popular reviews

  • Fletch



    I had not seen Fletch for years before I got it on sale on blu-ray last week. Upon rewatching Fletch it struck me how understated the comedy is compared to movies these days. It was also a surprise how serious the movie was in places. In my memory it was this rollicking comedy with a million laughs a minute, but instead it was a lot better than I remembered. Chevy's comedy holds up really well nearly thirty years after its first release. I'll be revisiting Fletch more often now that I have it on the shelf.

  • What Maisie Knew

    What Maisie Knew


    Beautiful on all counts: acting, shooting, writing. This is the perfect argument for the reason what self-absorbed jerks shouldn't have children. The passive abuse Maisie's parents put her through is heartbreaking. The pitch perfect performance by the little girl who plays Maisie adds a tremendous amount of weight to the movie. A must see (for parents).