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  • High Heels

    High Heels


    I love Marisa Paredes.

  • Spa Night

    Spa Night


    Too withdrawn and introspective for its own good, with the majority of running time wasted on redundant framing of its protagonist's blank internal inquisition from this angle, that angle, and so on. But the effect does prove cumulative when all the pieces quietly but powerfully connect in a climactic scene of anguished scouring. It's important some queer narratives still stay relegated to the closet, as long as good reason is established for doing so as this film ultimately does.

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  • The Martian

    The Martian


    If one big feature-length dad joke is delivered in space when no one else is around to hear it, is it still funny? I say no, but Watney and Ridley are gonna science the shit out of it, out loud, then recap their findings, out loud, and they'll arrive at an emphatic “yes!” as you'd expect. Ugh, and of course Michael Peña will be the first Latino on Mars since Hollywood seems to think he’s the only Latino actor on Earth. But I am happy to see the little plant from WALL-E is doing really well for itself.

  • Summer Hours

    Summer Hours


    On its soothing, flaxen-hued surface, Summer Hours is a film preoccupied with following the compounded process of turning a fine art collection into mere inherited asset. But just underneath this beautiful guise and in-step with the ever-rushing current of change and time, it’s more devoted to the generational and sentimental value embellishing these physical objects with their ephemeral and true beauty. Olivier Assayas is at his most nimble and directorially imperceptible, his attention gently oscillating between these two worthy material…