Room ★★★★

Without a doubt the best female performance of the year from Brie Larson. She is a lock to win her first academy award for Best Actress. She gives a powerful performance as a woman that isn't full of life and joy, but always looks out for her child. And a case could be made for child actor Jacob Tremblay, who is also oscar worthy. Tremblay is a revelation here, going toe-to-toe with Larson in every scene they share. His angry confusion at the things he can't quite comprehend is beautifully realized.Possibly the best duo of the year with their amazing and realistic relationship. Absolutely exhausting on an emotional level. My girlfriend was bawling her eyes out througout the movie. Such a small and contained story, yet so moving and powerful at the same time. This isn't a film I could see myself returning to, but two of the best performances of the year for sure.

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