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  • The Telephone Book

    The Telephone Book


    Lord love a pervert. A clever, exuberant paean to the human libido with a platinum blonde nymph as Virgil, expressed through 50s men’s sock garters silliness, Czech New Wave, and an explosive finale that shrieks early 70s. Its hype as a crown jewel of Vinegar Syndrome’s catalog rings true. I cheered out loud when I learned that I have access to another film starring Sarah Kennedy. 

    Le Disco: 2021 Challenge

  • Terror


    It’s no secret that Norman J. Warren and company were heavily inspired by Dario Argento’s candy-colored witchy masterpiece Suspiria when they made Terror - a fact most likely gleamed by Letterboxd users reading peers’ reviews on here if not on Wikipedia, or the Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray, or elsewhere. Despite knowing this going in I was not expecting this much inspiration, which actually made my viewing experience a sort of Suspiria I Spy: neon gel lighting here, Goblin-esque music cues there, a…

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  • The Wind

    The Wind


    Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2018

    Week 1: Actor - Lillian Gish

    Choosing between Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford to kick off FSDO 2018 was an easy choice for me. Nothing against Pickford at all, but I’ve been impressed by Gish’s monumental career (75 years on stage and in films) and curious to dive into her filmography since I got into film in the first place. 

    My copy of The Wind starts with an introduction by Gish herself,…

  • Enya: Moonshadows

    Enya: Moonshadows

    Enya: ahhhhh oooooo huuuuh ahhhoooo

    Me: I would quit my job and be a manservant in your castle if you asked.