She's Gotta Have It

Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2018

Week 42: Auteurs - Spike Lee

Without a doubt one of the strongest debut feature films, ever; Spike Lee’s status as a firebrand and a provocateur may not have been cemented yet but this story about sexual freedom, deep-rooted expectations about gender and relationships, and what it means to be young and single in the city hints at what’s to come. Nola’s resounding “my mind, my body” assertion and similar bon mots she drops are great to hear, especially since some of the beliefs held by the supporting characters, specifically Nola’s three suitors, aren’t as forward-thinking. Lee stays in Nola’s corner. The documentary-esque interviews, the use of still photographs and slow motion, and the velvety black and white footage (except for that scene) are all excellent. I do wish there had been more of Opal, though. 

Also: Team Mars.