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  • Dear Ex

    Dear Ex


    Bruh... that's all I gotta say.

  • The Talented Mr. Ripley

    The Talented Mr. Ripley


    Let's get negatives out the way first: weird dialogue at some points and kinda goes on for too long. That is all.
    This movie isnt really a "flawless" film but its enjoyable. I had this movie spoiled to me before and I was still shocked so many times. Matt Damon is *mwah* beautiful in this. He can act 😤 I feel like a Joker stannie when I say this but this movie has you in some way rooting for Ripley…

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  • Mapplethorpe



    The editing my God. I genuinely don't know what I am to get from this movie but cool thanks...

  • Joker



    I was late to the movie and missed some parts in between but all in all it was okay. There were good shots but the characterization was... just odd. Arthur is not a good guy and they even "attempt" to show it but parts of me just felt naturally compelled to be like "damn that's shitty" and "you get that guy" just because thats how everything was shifted to seem. It scares me how well this movie might target incels…