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  • The Peanuts Movie

    The Peanuts Movie


    charlie brown's lesson that he learns at the end will be obvious and predictable to anybody who wants to see the blockhead at peace with himself, but it's still a treat to see him get there <3

  • Maniac



    "getting inside the killer's head" is played to the nth degree and while most scenes fail to rise the killer above any stereotypical offshoot of frasier crane, the music and visuals combine wonderfully. it's invigorating to see all facial expressions which imply someone's warmth towards someone -- the parts to an innocuous budding romance -- and chilling at the same time as one remembers why exactly the killer picked those sights to look at.

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  • South Pacific

    South Pacific


    Don't let yourself be fooled by the war imagery, the jungle, the wartime Frenchmen, run-of-the-mill cultural generalizations, alcoholic protagonist, remorseless and dancing soldiers, the loss and gain of seemingly random plot points, slaughter of a water buffalo, descent into hysteria, hallucinogenic hues, lush and sweeping musical numbers, and reaffirmation, romantic or not and despite differences, of human relationships: this is NOT Apocalypse Now.

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    What I most loved on this rewatch, cataclysmic plot points aside, were the little scenes of problem-solving. There's greater participation on the part of the viewer into the inner workings of the mob in its sequel than in "The Godfather." These scenes work because they have the pretext that they are habitual and allowable. I went along with any choice to assassinate or bribe whenever the characters were convincingly just prattling on without the slightest hint that they were on the darker half of humanity, making the burrowing into the cataclysmic darkness all the more emotional for the viewer who feels a part of it.