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hey guys and ghouls, i'm just here to have fun and talk about movies!

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  • The Long Kiss Goodnight

    The Long Kiss Goodnight


    The characters just sort of do all sorts of flying around. Renny Harlin directs this like it's fucking Cirque du Soleil which is in no doubt entirely not harmonious when the scheming is so pragmatic and the stakes feel so detached and sardonic because with all Shane Black screenplays these are all scenarios the cast has seen before and they must tolerate the annoyances that affect their attitudes as the plot goes along just as much as the dangers.


  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    Probably the most poetic representation I'm ever gonna get of whenever an authority figure in my life tells me to stop thinking about things that make me feel bad and get chill like it's as incomplex as putting on a new hat & I just wanna turn their swivel chair around to face me and go, "Look I can know that AND not know that. There was comfort in the old hat and irresolution in the new one."

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  • South Pacific

    South Pacific


    Don't let yourself be fooled by the war imagery, the jungle, the wartime Frenchmen, run-of-the-mill cultural generalizations, alcoholic protagonist, remorseless and dancing soldiers, the loss and gain of seemingly random plot points, slaughter of a water buffalo, descent into hysteria, hallucinogenic hues, lush and sweeping musical numbers, and reaffirmation, romantic or not and despite differences, of human relationships: this is NOT Apocalypse Now.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Surprisingly, Yorgos Lanthimos' trademarked get-used-to-this-lot chilliness aids a movie exceptionally well when the characters are more calculating than they are unfathomable. The perfectly honed build-up is truly at the care of the three leads who are equal parts unpredictable and in command of their rationale, so while you never know what quite they might do next you are certain that it will not be thematically flaccid.