Phantom of the Paradise ★★★★

Just 3 weeks late of its 45th birthday, I FINALLY got around to watching Brian De Palmas visionary opus for the first time. And, of course, I'm floored with the majestic oddity that is "Phantom of the Paradise." Its a sleazy neon lighted fairy tale, that while being bombastically heady and scattershot in overall direction, retains a consistent narrative vision of the struggle between a tragic hero and a diabolical villian who uses naivety as his weapon of choice, much like the many antagonists of popular folklore. It feels like a film written by a madman who just so happens to understand plot structure, as it never goes completly off the rails into messy territory by sticking with its bare bones story structure. When all said and done, "Phantom of the Paradise" has to be one of the weirdest films I have ever seen. I really cant compare it to anything else, because there's really nothing else like it. It's great.