Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

"Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse" is one of the best comic book films I've ever seen. It's also one of the best animated films I've ever seen. And It's definitely the best Spiderman film I've ever seen. In other words, this film is fucking amazing. This film has a whole lot to do, and it excels at every bit of it. Not only do they introduce Miles Morales to the world and tell his origin story, but they also do it while telling the story of the Spider-Verse. Along with that, this film has a whole lot of heart, and perfectly captures what the true essence of Spiderman should be, someone who is powered by the goodness of people and the relentless will to do the right thing. 

I was hesitant about this movie when it was announced because I've never really liked the character of Miles Morales that much and I thought that the Spider-verse storyline in the comics was kind of clunky. And mixing that story with Miles' origin just seemed like it wasn't going to work. I'm so happy that they proved me wrong, and I really feel like they improved upon both Miles' origin and the original Spider-verse storyline. This film is the first time that I really feel like I was able to connect with Miles and that he was more than an attempt for Marvel to seem diverse. Miles' relationships with his father and his uncle felt so genuine and his journey to becoming a hero was really inspiring. Seeing the way Miles grew throughout the story was great and I loved his relationship with Peter Parker, who also shined in this film. 

Peter Parker shines in this film because it showed us a fresh representation of who Peter Parker is. Because of the nature of comics, we never really get to see Peter grow past the high school or early 20's periods of his life. This film portrays him as a grizzled young veteran of the superhero game who's going through a midlife crisis. It's not a version of Peter that I ever expected to get, but I'm glad that that we did, and that it clicked as well as it did. Jake Johnson is one of the funniest actors working today, and he gives a really satisfying performance as Peter Parker. I love the contrast between Johnson's portrayal of Peter and Chris Pine's from the beginning of the film, showing the differences of who that character is at those points in his life but at their essence, they are the same regardless of the adversities they've faced. Peter Parker is a character that will always go out of his way for someone else, and seeing him make a life rebound of his own while helping Miles Morales discover who he is as Spiderman is perhaps the best thing about this film. 

This film does so much and it does it all so well that it's really easy to forget about some of the stuff that you liked. Nicolas Cage and John Mulaney are really fun as Spiderman Noir and Spider Ham. The villains all get their chances to shine, with Kingpin and the Prowler really getting a spotlight. The animation was awesome, and it really felt like I was reading a comic book, which is something I haven't really felt in watching an animated movie before. Overall, this film feels like a genuine love letter to comics, through its animation style, pacing, and even the comics code authority seal of approval that starts the film, and that's something I desire to see more often. I love when you can tell that there is heart and care put into something, and this film oozes creativity and adoration for the material. Whether you're a comic fan or not, everyone needs to see this film. It's an extremely wonderful experience and I really think it'll be one of those films that grows a legacy as time goes on.

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