Climax ★★★★

"God is with us!"

This is the perfect film to view at 1 am on a Friday night with a bunch of friends screaming in unison at what our eyes were

But honestly, this film was a nightmarish fever dream if I've ever seen one. From the use of color, cinematography, and music that show the decent into madness, the film gives off the feeling of entering each circle of hell as the night passes. Climax is never really about the pleasure of euphoria that such a drug invites, but rather the depravity and carnage that is allowed to flourish. At the beginning we see a bunch of youthful and somewhat happy twenty somethings enjoying each other and life, but as the film progresses their true forms begin to break through as they revert back to the most primal and animalistic tendencies. Ones that are more akin to wild beasts than men. Noe's feature is above all exercising reverse Darwinism where embracing godlessness desires leads only to self-destruction of not just the body but the soul and mind as well.

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