Parasite ★★★★½

"I don't think of this as forgery or a crime, it's a very opportune gift."

Notorious for winning the infamous Palm D'Or at Cannes this year and with the resulting flood of reviews declaiming it to be Bong Joon-Ho's "masterpiece" and a "triumph of cinema"; my curiosity had already awoken. It's hard to even classify Parasite as a genre film as it's really its own genre with a narrative so subversive its hard to even digest. The political and social commentary was very on the nose but never took an aggressive stance or an emphasis away from the two titular family's at the film's center. It's awkward atmosphere is enough to crawl under the skin of anyone paired by a rousing score and brilliant performances giving off the scent of being a truly great piece of cinema. There are too many allegorical clues and motifs to find and mold over in just one sitting leaving room for rewatches that I think will serve to only enhance the viewing experience. You can easily tell that the director and the rest of the production are truly preforming at the height of their powers utilizing the many fields of filmmaking with ease and flow unlike almost anything I've seen. In the end Parasite is a triumph and milestone of a feature providing a fascinating commentary on the roles of class systems on which society is built upon.

"Do you smell that?"

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