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  • Security



    Ideal insomnia viewing. Bearded Banderas is an ex-Army captain fallen on hard times who takes a gig as a mall security guard. Soon enough the mall is under siege by a vicious meth-dealing gang led by Ben Kingsley. Since the guards don't have guns, they have to make do with gear from the mall - bow-and-arrow, remote control cars, homemade bombs. The supporting cast isn't the usual group of vanilla victims, but each gets a distinguishing characteristic that they dig into. Cocky pompadour guy, hungover chick, cowardly nerd, chill bomb-making bro. And Banderas looks convincing in his own big brawl with ex-MMAer Cung Le.

  • Playing Around

    Playing Around


    Peaks early with a "Pageant of the Knees" at a nightclub called "The Pirates Den" complete with Blackbeard musical number.

    But Alice White is charming throughout as a working class stenographer who trades up from her soda jerk boyfriend (William Bakewell) to a seemingly rich and morally suspect playboy (Chester Morris). Could have used some stenography scenes but otherwise a fulfilling cinematic experience.

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  • No Escape

    No Escape


    It turns out there was an escape. This is what I call the ol' switcheroo.

    This is a decent "save the white people from the other people" movie, but on the Brosnan scale I give it five out of five Brosnans. Some excellent Brosnan-ing here.

  • Young Mr. Lincoln

    Young Mr. Lincoln


    “Suppose some truant good fairy were to ask me … ‘Is there some American film you’d like me to make you the author of – with a wave of my wand?’ I would not hesitate to accept the offer, and I would at once name the film that I wish I had made. It would be Young Mr. Lincoln directed by John Ford.” -Sergei Eisenstein