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  • The Decameron

    The Decameron


    To my knowledge, this is the only film that ends with the director straight up saying to the camera "Aw jeez, I shouldn't have made this," and thus it is a work of staggering courage.

  • Dunkirk



    Once again noted hack Christopher Nolan confirms my already held belief that he has no idea how to make a movie! this was all I could think about as I waited in line to buy a ticket for this stinker, and I'm happy to say my suspicions were confirmed from the first frame on. It's a World War II movie which is honestly kind of cliche at this point so I can't understand why anyone would give Nolan money to…

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  • Gamer


    please don't let the democrats run mark zuckerberg in 2020.

  • Logan



    Absolutely not. Fuck outta here.