La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

I took my dad to see this tonight and was a bit wary of his opinion of the film, with the ending seeming to throw some audiences off, leading to a dislike of the entire movie. Drum roll please…. HE LOVED IT. So since I got to talk to him about it, I’ll explain his thoughts.
-Loved the flawless blend to two time periods (Ryan Gosling’s car being a major focus)
-Loved the music and the ideas behind the final audition song tying in the entire movie being one fat toast to the dreamers
-Loved the “Wes Anderson esk color palette”
-Loved the chemistry between Stone and Gosling
-LOVED the ending “If they would have ended it any other way, I wouldn’t be nearly as impressed with the movie as I am.”

Sidenote: Brian was talking about how he loves the movies that Summerfield plays, because he "can’t stand the main stream movies like Deadpool.”

All in all, great experience

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