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  • House of Dreams

    House of Dreams

    Back in 2019, I stumbled on House of Dreams while looking for either 1960s regional horror movies, movies made in Indiana, or both. I had read the Bleeding Skull review long before, but had filed it away and mostly forgotten about it. Once it was back on my radar, I ended up buying the DVD from Alpha Video and was pretty floored--here was a completely independent horror feature production made in Indiana that had its premiere in September of 1963.…

  • Red Roses of Passion

    Red Roses of Passion


    Carla (Patricia McNaire) is tired of her prudish aunt and cousin cramping her style when she brings men home. A friend takes her to meet Martha (Helena Clayton), a fortune teller who runs an all-female cult that worships "the spirit of Pan" out of the back room of her storefront. Martha suggests a way for Carla to put Tracey (Laura London) and Julie (Bella Donna) in their place, and at first Carla is pleased with the results. Her aunt and…

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  • Yard Work Is Hard Work

    Yard Work Is Hard Work

    One of my all-time favorite cinema experiences was going to the Bank of America Cinema in Portage Park one evening when this was played before the feature. By about halfway through, the audience--which consisted largely of retirees who just wanted to watch an old Hollywood movie--was about to riot. There was a lot of yelling; I don't know if anybody actually left, though. They just really wanted the projectionist to turn this off and start the feature. They didn't, of…

  • The Curse of EVE

    The Curse of EVE


    22-year old Christie (Megan Rene) marries 30-year-old Grant (Mel Thomas), and when he gets a job a 40-minute drive from Richmond they inexplicably move to the town where his new gig is. Things start off bad when Christie sees a mysterious face peeking in the window of the abandoned, crumbling house they've bought. Grant wants to go to a church in the new town, and slowly starts cutting off Christie from everyone and everything in her life while ingratiating himself…

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  • Song of the Blind Girl

    Song of the Blind Girl

    A list of 20 things filmmaker Tom Charley ("ctom") does not appear to know, understand, or believe, based on the content of this film:

    1. Generally speaking, night is the part of the 24-hour cycle when it is dark outside.

    2. The human gestational period is 9 months.

    3. Waterboarding.

    4. Hospitals.

    5. Fall and Winter are the seasons when the weather is coldest.

    6. Props.

    7. Abortion.

    8. The difference between "thousands" and "millions."

    9. It is considered poor…

  • 2025: The World Enslaved by a Virus

    2025: The World Enslaved by a Virus

    "Communism is all over the place."

    This movie suggests the coronavirus pandemic is a worldwide globalist conspiracy to establish a One World Order where everyone must speak English, and Christianity, ice cream, and funerals are all outlawed. It does this mostly through endless scenes of people sitting around in a big room in a basement and just talking and talking and talking. There are long follow shots of people walking where the camera is set at ass level; after a…