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  • Beyond Skyline

    Beyond Skyline


    Part of my coverage of Cinepocalypse 2017 for Daily Grindhouse:

    Alcoholic cop Mark (Frank Grillo) picks up his son Trent (Jonny Weston) from the police station after he’s gotten into another public altercation, but Mark’s too drunk to drive home. While they’re on a commuter train underground, an alien invasion begins and the two men are forced to team up with train conductor Audrey (Bojana Novakovic) and a ragtag group of fellow passengers, homeless veteran Sarge (Antonio Fargas), and a…

  • Rendel



    Part of my coverage of Cinepocalypse 2017 for Daily Grindhouse:

    While pharmaceutical conglomerate VALA ramps up production on a vaccine to send to suffering African countries, a mysterious figure is making trouble for their less humanitarian interests. VALA, as it happens, is a front for a vast criminal organization with its hands in large-scale drug running. When a group of the thugs who work for Rotikka (Rami Rusinen), unstable son of VALA’s president, turn up dead with the word “RENDEL”…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    After seeing a lot of people inexplicably claiming that this movie--in which a supernatural evil terrorizes a family isolated in an unforgiving wilderness--is "not a horror movie," I felt compelled to write a piece on horror gatekeeping:

  • Song of the Blind Girl

    Song of the Blind Girl

    A list of 20 things filmmaker Tom Charley ("ctom") does not appear to know, understand, or believe, based on the content of this film:

    1. Generally speaking, night is the part of the 24-hour cycle when it is dark outside.

    2. The human gestational period is 9 months.

    3. Waterboarding.

    4. Hospitals.

    5. Fall and Winter are the seasons when the weather is coldest.

    6. Props.

    7. Abortion.

    8. The difference between "thousands" and "millions."

    9. It is considered poor…