Sunrise ★★★★

Honorable Mention in my 2015 Recap:

Detective Joshi (Adil Hussain) is obsessed with tracking down a serial child killer. He is so driven that he neglects his traumatized wife and seems to live only in the dark of an endless, rainy night. Everywhere he goes leads to the same place, the seedy club Paradise where underage girls dance for a leering audience. Meanwhile, a young girl named Aruna (Komal Gupta) is kidnapped and prepared for work in the club by its vicious owners. As Joshi wanders the streets, Aruna is in more danger with every passing moment. SUNRISE is a bleak, surreal psychological thriller that follows its protagonist on a terrifying spiral into despair. Its beautiful cinematography and powerful performances conjure an atmosphere of dread that would make any serious horror filmmaker envious.

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