The Missing Girl

The Missing Girl ★★★½

Mort runs a comic and toy shop where he currently has one employee, aspiring comic artist Ellen. After the car he inherited from his late father finally stops running for good, Ellen picks Mort up to drive to work. She drives him down a street he never goes down; when he was in high school, a girl named Missy went missing and her bloody clothes were found there. The same day, Mort runs into Skippy, a mean-spirited high school classmate who dated Missy. When Ellen gets a call from a New York publisher, she has to skip work but can’t get in touch with Mort, who begins to suspect foul play when she doesn’t report for her shift. This is a great, low-key film that quietly defies expectations of genre: it’s really funny, but it’s not exactly a comedy, and it has elements of mystery and crime but they don’t really dominate the proceedings. Instead, THE MISSING GIRL is based on a slate of fantastic performances from a great cast. Robert Longstreet, who has been on a hell of a roll the last few years, is perfect in the role of Mort. And Alexia Rasmussen, who had a pretty terrifying role in PROXY last year, is great as Ellen. THE MISSING GIRL takes such care with its characters that by the end it’s tough not to want to spend even more time with them.

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