Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid ★★★★

#40 in my Top 50 for 2015: medium.com/@rabbitroom/top-50-for-2015-part-2-40-31-aa7cbb6a4b44#.n0se8ku1c

TURBO KID was too quickly dismissed by a lot of critics for leaning too hard on “nostalgia,” but that’s sort of missing the point. Sure, there are clear callbacks to 80s sci-fi movies, cartoons, comic books, and video games. But like Steven Kostanski’s short “W Is for Wish” from THE ABCS OF DEATH 2, the nostalgia is tempered by the realistic depiction of the type of violence frequently shown in that media. In other words, when The Kid (Munro Chambers) gets his arm blaster, the bad guys don’t just disappear when he shoots them like they do in MEGA MAN: they explode in a torrent of blood. The film’s juxtaposition of a light, almost GOONIES-esque tone and gruesome violence is jarring and frequently hilarious, its twin impulses of sweetness and bloodlust embodied on-screen by the characters of Apple (Laurence Leboeuf, who absolutely steals the movie with her maniacally cheery performance) and Skeletron (Edwin Wright). TURBO KID is a pure sugar rush and a hugely entertaining action adventure.