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  • American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon
  • The Cat o' Nine Tails
  • What Have They Done to Your Daughters?
  • Flora
  • Marrowbone

Films reviewed for Film Monthly

386 films

List of films I have reviewed for Film Monthly, listed in reverse chronological order (most recent review listed first).

  • Lionman
  • Brawl Busters
  • The Astrologer
  • The Witches
  • Victor Crowley


92 films

Reviews posted after the publication of the print edition of The Unrepentant Cinephile for reference, listed in chronological order of…

  • Blame
  • Insidious: The Last Key
  • Before I Wake
  • Inside
  • Mukkabaaz

2018 Releases

154 films

Films I have watched in 2018 that will be in consideration for my year-end recap next January. Listed in chronological…

  • Linda and Abilene
  • The Ecstasies of Women
  • Savage Water
  • Death by Invitation
  • Massage Parlor Murders

Vinegar Syndrome - Catalog order

169 films

Films released by Vinegar Syndrome listed by catalog number on which the film appears. Catalog number listed in Notes along…

  • Bikini Monsters
  • Bikini Ramen
  • Bikini Babes Countdown
  • Bikini Car Wash Massacre
  • Bikini Inception

Movies I have added to Letterboxd

432 films

Movies I've added to TMDb and Letterboxd. Listed in reverse chronological order (latest first).

  • Nude on the Moon
  • 50,000 B.C. (Before Clothing)
  • Kiss Me Quick!
  • The Monster of Camp Sunshine or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nature
  • Electronic Lover

Sci-fi Sex Cinema

199 films

Films using science fiction and/or fantasy elements and tropes but produced with the primary aim of audience titillation. These films…

  • Femalien
  • Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets
  • Petticoat Planet
  • Virtual Encounters
  • The Exotic House of Wax

Surrender Cinema

53 films

Complete list of films produced and/or distributed by Surrender Cinema. Listed in roughly chronological order. There should be 53 titles…

  • Anna and the Apocalypse
  • Blue My Mind
  • Bodied
  • The Brink
  • Five Fingers for Marseilles

Fantasia 2018

41 films

Films I've seen playing the 2018 Fantasia festival, not counting rep screenings.

Anna and the Apocalypse through What Keeps You…

  • The ABC of Love and Sex: Australia Style
  • Australia After Dark
  • The Badger Game
  • Beyond the 7th Door
  • The Burning Moon

Intervision Picture Corp

30 films

List of films released by Intervision Picture Corp, a sub-label of Severin Films. Listed in alphabetical order by TMDB/Letterboxd title,…

  • 1922
  • 24×36
  • 3 Foot Ball and Souls
  • 68 Kill
  • 78/52

Films covered for Daily Grindhouse

345 films

List of films I have covered for Daily Grindhouse. This includes reviews, capsule reviews from film festival coverage, and interviews…

  • Dementia
  • The Beast of Yucca Flats
  • Face of the Screaming Werewolf
  • Manos: The Hands of Fate
  • Rat Pfink a Boo Boo

Outsider Cinema

86 films

Outsider Cinema, or narrative films so bizarre that they often become accidentally surreal, unsettling/frightening in a way that was probably…

  • A Man for Emmanuelle
  • Swap Meet at the Love Shack
  • Tender and Perverse Emmanuelle
  • Erotic Diary
  • Tokyo Emmanuelle

Unofficial, Non-Laura Gemser "Emmanuelle"/"Emanuelle" Films

22 films

Other films related to or titled to capitalize on the success of the "Emmanuelle" franchise that are not part of…