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  • Sicilian Ghost Story

    Sicilian Ghost Story


    This was an emotionally devastating film that blended reality and dreams in a very effective way. I will say that people shouldn't be misled by the advertising - this is no Pan's Labyrinth, and any 'fantasy' elements are much more muted than anything in del Toro's film. However, I felt that the directors did a great job of portraying the slippery boundary between the real world and a young girl's fevered imaginings. The reason why the score isn't higher is…

  • Kikujiro



    This was a charming and touching little film with immense visual imagination. The humour on display here was very broad but it really worked, and I laughed harder at this than I have in a long time - it was also, most importantly, firmly rooted in character and was frequently integral to the plot rather than being a loosely connected annex. I loved the journey that Kikujiro and Masao go on together, and really appreciated how they both grew and…

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  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    Gorgeous, imaginative, fascinating and fun in all the right ways, I love Jupiter Ascending to pieces. I adore the rich word and mythology the Wachowskis establish here, and find the characters likeable and sympathetic. The film, while obviously truncated from a longer version, reveals itself more fully with subsequent viewings, but is, more importantly, an incredibly exhilarating ride from the get-go. It's a modern-day Labyrinth or Wizard of Oz, and I'm amazed by the level of hate and vitriol directed at it. In short, I had more fun with Jupiter Ascending than I've had at the cinema in years.

  • Kingdom of Us

    Kingdom of Us


    This was a very powerful and emotional documentary that frequently left me in tears. It was perhaps too long and the intensity was occasionally too much for me to handle, but it was very good overall and the director deftly wove together moments of unbearable pain with welcome flashes of tenderness and laughter. Recommended.