Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

2020 ranked
movies seen at the cinema

such a fantastic film!! i think about this film at least once a day, and it's been almost a month since i first watched this (hello letterboxd, long-time no see, i'm so busy lately :/)

so happy with how much praise this film is getting, it seriously deserves it!!

also the toxic by britney spears arrangement & and the whole scene surrounding the sound was AMAZING and one of the most iconic things i've seen in a long time

also there's something with me and adam brody where i never recognize him in movies?? i only ever know who he is in jennifer's body. but like i went into this film, KNOWING he was in it, and waited the whole movie for when he'd show up, just to find out after it was over that he was in the first scene. and i yet again didn't realize it was him.

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