The Lighthouse ★★★★★

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ROBERT PATTINSON EVERYBODY!! i'm so proud of him!!! phenomenal!! a classic!!!! LET HIS (and dafoe's) OSCAR CAMPAIGN BEGIN!!!

that last 5 minutes GUYS that was one of the most iconic things i have ever seen. i can't get over how phenomenal rob was in that last scene

this whole movie was just haunting and STUNNING and perfect and an instant classic y'all. i will never get the sound of the lighthouse out of my head

i'm ready for awards season. i need to see both willem and rob nominated for this, especially rob though. i'm just so astounded by how fantastic he was. he really is one of the best actors of this generation. and i think this solidified him as my personal favorite actor, even.

WILLEM DAFOE y'all he was phenomenal as well!!! give him all of the awards!!

i just can't get over this film. literally perfect. rob and willem are utterly phenomenal. believe the hype guys!!!

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