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  • Hereditary



    NO fucking joke, I had a strong, STRONG desire to walk out.

  • The Captive

    The Captive


    Like, Ryan Reynolds can sort of act at least, and we pretend like he can only do comedy because he is funny and like, stop being so fucking reductive?

    IF all these other good actin' hos had a personality, would they ALSO start to only be cast doing humor? Asking 4 a friend\\

    Kevin Durand was pretty good

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  • mother!



    I don't know how both Aronofsky and Lawrence didn't walk away from making this movie and so clearly understand that it is about Aronofsky's own god complex and his inability to not crave peoples praise. Clearly he is the creator, praying on a younger woman and forcing her to be his muse until he sucks the life out of her, and he just loves all the attention. He stuck in the shadows and shrouded himself in mystery until people stopped…

  • mother!



    LOL imagine being such a douchy *`~filmboy~`* that you pretend this movie was amazing and people didn't like it because its hard to understand.