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  • Ogroff



    Slasher September
    Watch a foreign movie
    i'm fucking screaming. what the hell did i just watch lmaoooo. at one point the killer starts jerking off the axe. this movie made no goddamn sense. he had to have been the dumbest killer in movie history. his victim gets away and instead of chasing her initially, he throws a hissy fit. zombies come out of fucking nowhere, he duels with another killer (???), a vampire priest is thrown into the mix, and…

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    Lynchtober Film #4 | Ranked List

    "I'm seeing something that was always hidden. I'm involved in a mystery. I'm in the middle of a mystery and it's all secret."

    I'm bumping up my 4 star rating to 4.5. I've seen this film a few times now, but this time, I really fell in love with it.

    The first time I watched Blue Velvet, I knew right away from the opening sequence that this was a film I could love. The…

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  • Blood Harvest

    Blood Harvest


    Hooptober 9: 5 Films from David Cronenberg, Ti West, Bill Rebane, Charles B. Pierce, William Grefe and/or Joy N. Houck Jr. | List here
    Slasher September | List here

    Not what I was expecting.

    Tiny Tim was the best part, but the post makes the movie seem it would be a bit psychotic and crazy. The tone of the poster definitely does not match the film. I thought he'd be the focus of the film, but honestly I felt like Tiny Tim was a bit wasted here.

  • Neither the Sea Nor the Sand

    Neither the Sea Nor the Sand


    Hooptober 9: 6 Countries (UK) | List Here

    A very strange, melancholic, and gross horror-romance.

    A married woman falls in love, has an affair, but then he dies while they're at the beach... and then he comes back. The story plays out very romantically and quietly, but it's also dark, and quite bleak.

    Managed to find this on Netflix, via their DVD service (yes, they still have that!). At first, I couldn't recall why it was even in my queue, but then I remembered it was on a folk horror list from BFI.

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  • The Fly

    The Fly



    Pretty much a perfect monster movie.

    The performances are incredible. I could watch Geena Davis all day, and Jeff Goldblum showed amazing range in his role. He was charming, funny, frustrating, and elicited both anger and sympathy from me as I watched him transform. What happens is so tragic, I honestly got emotional at the end. But what's even better than the performances is the special effects and makeup... wow! The last 20 or so minutes were jaw-droppingly disgusting, but I couldn't look away.

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    2.5 but the ending was good so i bumped it up.

    i'm not sure what happened to maika monroe, I thought she was awesome as hell in It Follows but she had two facial expressions throughout this entire movie. IDK if it was the direction she was given or what, but I need more from my protagonist than duck lips or looking sad. it was hard to take her seriously as a character when it's so one-dimensional. plot-wise, I don't…