Inglourious Basterds ★★★★½

Some thoughts on Quentin Tarantino:
This movie took me by surprise and Tarantino hadn't done that, for me, since Pulp Fiction. I can distinctly remember the feeling of awe and glee I felt in the theater when I realized he was actually going to kill Hitler. For some reason I didn't think he was going to re-write history, so when he did I had a genuine gut reaction to it and I loved it! And of course I've re-watched it many time and have come to love it for so many other reason as well: the tongue in cheek villain played by the delicious Christoph Waltz, the fantastic arc of Melanie Laurent's Shoshannah, and Tarantino's deliberate use of pacing - only he can master the slow creeping tension of a scene and then literally explode into gory violence.