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  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    i love the weird little moment where Llewyn sadly jokes that he’s a communist and the marine union guy leans in and whispers “shachtmanite??” and then goes “nah never mind”

  • Help!



    not really as funny as i remember it being! it wants to be really weird and monty python-esque, but it’s just a little too slow to really get going

    the beatles are cute and the music slaps though, and the You’re Gonna Lose That Girl scene is shot so stylishly

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  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11


    i don’t know if i’m just in some kind of state rn, but i teared up/cried about 5 times during this movie!!

    i just get VERY emotional about NASA, and feeling the tension and seeing every little process detail made me think about how at any point something could go wrong. the fact that we got 3 men to the moon and back completely without a hitch IN 1969 is such an insane achievement, and made me think about all…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    cool details 
    - winslow’s hallucinations of wake as neptune almost exactly match the description wake gives in his insane monologue- with a crown of shells, long beard, and tentacle tail

    - not sure if the head in the crab pot was a hallucination or not, but the seagull winslow kills also has one eye, as if it’s the spirit of wake’s dead second

    - the smash cut of winslow seeing wake as his dead foreman is so jarring because of how starkly bright the guy’s white blond hair is, it’s truly a freaky vision

    - the final scene still scary as shit!!