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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    I loved this??? It wasn’t perfect by any means but I really really loved it. Somehow I love Lady Gaga even more than I did before. Yes to this.

    When Gaga launches into her biggest performances in the film, a few enthusiastic audience members clapped and cheered for her and like, yes, and we did the same when Marlon Williams appeared too. Not even sorry about it.

  • Fiend Without a Face

    Fiend Without a Face

    Truly baffling.

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  • Tomorrow



    Really great and empowering and inspiring, but after the third chapter I found it much harder to take everything in because there was just so much new information. Great though!

  • Climax



    Perhaps controversially, I liked this. The first half was exhilarating - the dance sequences filmed from above were a genius move, something I'd never seen before. The tale as a whole gave me a similar feeling to Mother! in that it was as close as I've come to experiencing a nightmare taking place in waking life. I watched this thinking of it as a whodunnit, but Tim, who I saw this with, didn't think who did the thing mattered at…