Jojo Rabbit

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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This just worked so well for me, I adored it on all fronts. Some of the emotional beats were a little heavy-handed for my tastes, but aside from that I’m not sure I’d change anything about it. It’s hilarious, clever, really weird, and it has a huge heart. 

Just some thoughts off the top of my head (SPOILERS): 

I’d watch literally any amount of time of Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen in this, hours even. Theirs might have been some of the funniest scenes in recent memory. I could barely compose myself when they held the gaze in the office for just long enough that it looked like they might... kiss? Also, Alfie Allen in the pool scene slayed me. Both of them were so, so good. 

Sam Rockwell’s character arc was superb.

The little hints dropped throughout the movie with the focus on ScarJo’s shoes, and then that scene... just devastating. The scene leading up to it and then the reveal was striking. 

Loved the use of Nathan’s “letters” to Elsa throughout the movie, I thought that was a really sweet way of portraying the progression of Jojo accepting her and then beginning to like (and even love) her. 

Needed more Jojo and Yorki, so good. 

I’m definitely planning on watching this again, probably many more times. Just loved it.

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