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  • Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride

    Doctor Who: The Runaway Bride

    An English remake of the 90s Julia Roberts film. I can’t say this resembles it very much, but that’s to its advantage. They also don’t force romance when there’s no sexual chemistry between Tate and Tennant like they do with Roberts and Gere.

    Interesting choice to leave out the ex-fiancés in exchange for a giant spider empress trying to awaken her brood in the center of the earth’s core. I knew the original was missing something and I never would have thought it was that, but here we are and it works.

  • Men in Black: International

    Men in Black: International

    And I wrap up the Men in Black films with MIB: International. This has the best looking/least interesting villains and the thinnest plot in Men in Black history.

    Speaking of history, they totally established the founding of the agency in the first film, with K having been present sometime in the 50s. Clearly continuity isn’t a concern, because we got an alternate founding described in this film about a century prior. Anything to fit the Eiffel Tower into the story I guess.

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  • Step Up 2: The Streets

    Step Up 2: The Streets

    A lot to unpack here, most of it is the kind of funny that would provide much ammunition for a group watch to rag on. Unfortunately it was just me here, but I was at least able to provide friends highlights as I went.

    Dancing to Breaking Benjamin’s “Diary of Jane” is absurd. The teacher/director character has terrible dialogue delivered by someone who talks like he’s being dubbed over. The 401 crew are making the news for their dance related…

  • Doctor Who: Rose

    Doctor Who: Rose

    Dr. Steal Your Girl.