Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

When we are passionately in love with something and we suddenly lose a tool without which you cannot pursue your passion then your world goes upside down within few moments and our mentality cannot adopt to that sudden rapid descent movement in our life.. During this course of time we lose few more important things due to that loss of tool.. This film exactly captures that particular losing phase of life and it justifies it so well by its execution.. Sound is one of the important things in this film, if they had done even a little mistake this wouldn't have created an impact like it did... The kind of subjective experience this film gives us is very rare in movies these days.. suddenly it goes to a wide shot and gives us the objective experience through the sound which I think is impeccable and it's also wonderful to see a debutant director making a movie like this.

I love the very first scene, it starts with some brilliant sound and lighting and it sets up the tone of the movie very well.. I liked how he tries to understand the new self but how he also can't live with what he is missing .. Generally we expect the dialogues to fill the gaps in between the silences in a story like this but it has brought more impact on the movie, it makes the silence more terrifying and emotional .. Riz Ahmed's every minute detail in his performance moves us closer to his psyche .. though Olivia cookie is there for a short amount of time there are moments where her subtle expressions speak soooo much to Riz Ahmed's character.. Physical problems are often looked up as just "physical problems" but it is as mental as it is physical .. the problem becomes bigger when the person in pain or the people around can't understand how to deal with it and it's hard to accept it or make it a part of our lives but if we won't do that, it will destroy us mentally too.. this movie shows this feeling in a tremendous way.

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