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  • A Wedding

    A Wedding


    A bit too didactic.

  • Annihilation



    Needed more time to develop its characters - you don't just throw up backstories while rowing. More time to create a better sense of disorientation once inside. Other than that, a visually striking piece of filmmaking. And the soundtrack during the final act is pretty great.

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  • Eyes Without a Face

    Eyes Without a Face


    Hoop-tober 4.0 - 2 of 31

    "Eyes Without a Face" exhibits a notion of identity behind an unrecognizable face. It's funny that this one was released in the exact same year as "Psycho", seeing how they both have a woman driving at night with a secret in the backseat. Georges Franju's film is meticulously shot, purposefully avoiding a frame that could reveal that "nonface" too early in the game. The suspense is subtle, organic, never once feeling the need to…

  • Parents



    Hoop-tober 4.0 - 8 of 31

    Oh, the suburbs! Always hiding everything behind a smile. I kept thinking about "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" for some reason, even though "Parents" works more like a black comedy. The way the camera frames the interior of the house. I could almost hear the sound of the ceiling fan welcoming the boy. And the relationship between those three, ready to burst into violence at any moment.