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  • Forrest Gump
  • The Truman Show
  • The Favourite
  • Edward Scissorhands

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  • Sightseers


  • A Cure for Wellness


  • Blood Red Sky


  • Shoplifters


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  • Spell


    Starts as a survival with some mistery and then it slowly turns into a revenge movie. The change makes sense and it works.

    It's also a movie about the power of family and the overcoming of childhood traumas by forgiving.

    There's a few stupid choices in the script here and there but overall it's a good experience.

  • The Exorcism of God

    The Exorcism of God

    "Special Thanks To God"

    Após os créditos, aparece um agradecimento a Deus...uma última migalha de gozo.

    Diga-se o que dizer, este é um filme que intriga. Logo à partida, pelo seu título... seria no mínimo estranho se houvesse de facto um exorcismo a Deus.

    Começa num tom misterioso e gera algum interesse. Não perde tempo em apresentar o protagonista no momento traumático que muda a sua vida para sempre. Parece aí um filme que lida com a temática de uma…

Popular reviews

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    A really out of the box movie that criticizes the social pressure for everyone to be in a love relationship and also the need humans have to label everything so there's no space for in betweens, only for extremes.
    I Loved the concept and also the freedom given for interpretations.

  • Glass



    It's not right to say that a movie is disappointing or even bad because the ending is different from our expectaions, but that's exactly what i have been hearing lately from some people.
    Just because the ending is different from what you imagined or even wanted, it doesn't mean its a bad movie.
    Its actually surprising and i really enjoyed it.
    It was great to see James McAvoy again doing all this characters etc. (ahah if you know what i mean) and i loved to see the incredible Sarah Paulson.