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  • Manhattan



    This film is one Woody Allen's most highly recommended. I agree with this recommendation for the 90% of this film. The film was a lovely romantic ride, but it's climax and final scene made me question Allen's judgement as a human being. The end left me with mixed feelings, but maybe with repeated viewings it might grow on me.

  • Manhattan Murder Mystery

    Manhattan Murder Mystery


    Another love letter to New York, this time Mr. Allen chooses to focus on the dark and seedy underbelly of marriage. A grim and villainous murder plot plays as the backdrop for the jealousy, adulterous thoughts, and bickering that have consumed Larry and Carol's marriage.

    Mr. Allen successfully tells the story of a failing marriage by punctuating it's odds and ends with the couple's investigation of a mysterious murder plot. The structure of the narrative weaves us into unexpected and hilarious corners as we follow the oddly paired Allen and Keaton trough out their ingenious detective work.

  • Magnolia



    Gargantuan in scope, Magnolia attempts to tackle the essence of human emotion and action. Mr. Anderson bit off more than he could chew as moments of raw magic and emotion are often bogged down by this film's messy narrative structure and 3 hour run time.

  • Sweet and Lowdown

    Sweet and Lowdown


    A magical tall tale of one Emmett Ray. Vagabond, guitarist, genius, what made Mr. Ray so special is also what ended up destroying him.

    Woody Allen takes us on another whimsical ride along a classic American tragic hero.