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  • Nope



    ~ slight spoilers ~

    walked out the theater puzzled about nope but everything came together once i looked at the clouds and felt enlightened at the idea of a spectacle. that’s truly the central idea of nope and how it toys with that. in other words, this came at a time when cinema was set on pause and the only spectacle in the moment was a global pandemic that is still consuming (big and important word for nope) right now.…

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  • Polytechnique



    considering the lack of sentiment in polytechnique, it still manages to be quite powerful and effective. chilly fatalism shivering alongside the ordinariness of our victims, killer, and environment before, during, and after the massacre. never heard of this tragic event ever until i stumbled upon this movie on tubi. had a eerie wiki search once the credits played. i always have such an interesting relationship with films depicting real events like polytechnique due to clear devices of exploitation that occurs.…

  • Death on the Nile

    Death on the Nile

    updated: august 23, 2022

    what i wrote originally was embarrassing. to summarize, there was chaos happening irl in a matter of two hours while this movie was playing that when it was over, this freaking movie was still going! peak nonsense.

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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    you ain’t fucked me 
    you fucked the old body

  • Spencer



    glamorous and apprehensive is two words i’d describe spencer which is ironic because you can say the same for princess di. as someone with a great spite for the royal family, i found myself gravitating towards the anxiously spiraling mood of it all regardless of context per say. spencer is a very eerie film with intense symbolism that holds everything together. 

    plot wise… had potential to lose me. it didn’t! but it was getting there. i can’t help but love…