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How can I write an essay on Satantango? How can anyone begin to review its greatness? It's almost impossible for me to analyze it, especially if I don't want to ramble nonsense for paragraphs and paragraphs. There are so many interpretations of this film, and if you are reading this, it's because you want to know my thoughts on it, not because you want to read the best essay on it. I am no critic, therefore I'm gonna try to make this as short and sweet as I can.

I think Satantango is about everything and nothing. If you have read other reviews of mine, such as what I wrote regarding Roma or War and Peace, you'd think that that's all I say about films. They are about everything. The difference is that, even though I said Roma had some mundane elements, it was never about nothing. Satantango is about nothing. Nothing at all. And yet it manages to be the most profound experience I've ever had in my life. No other film comes close. It is about everything. Love, friendship, betrayal, death, mourning, time, space, life, god, government, animals, humans. It is about literally everything. In some way or another, it manages to touch all these themes. I recommend you reading Edgar Cochran's review of this film if you want to read a more in-depth analysis.

Now, what makes this work of art so profound is how harrowing it results. It lasts seven-and-a-half hours, and while we watch it, we are submerged in a black and white, almost mute world, where every day is the same as the next. Boring, pointless lives. This is, of course, up until the event. A little like The Turin Horse, the lives of the main characters are about nothing at all. They live without purpose, maybe only surviving 'till the next day. People walk for hours on the mud, almost if as going nowhere, in a landscape of nothing. And yet, somehow, Tarr manages to perfectly express everything he wants to, and touch every topic. It's about everything and nothing.

As I thought my first review was somewhat funny (yes, I am lame), instead of replacing the original one with this extensive analysis no one will read, I logged it twice. To read my unfunny, four-word-long joke, you can click here.

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