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This is my favorite film

It should be so easy but it isn't for me to give a somewhat in-depth review of this. I have read so many great reviews for this film that I basically just would hate to be redundant at this point. I will give it a go through on just some of my thoughts and feelings about it. Nicolas Cage is my favorite actor, I'll just throw it out there right now in case it isn't abundantly clear by this point. I have always been an enormous fan of his, but when I bought a 30 movie collection someone had of his films on ebay for 30 something bucks, that's when I really got hooked. It was the best deal I have ever gotten ever, I was somehow the only bidder. Ever since then I have collected and watched every single one of his films at-least twice. So with that being said when I watched Beyond The Black Rainbow the first time I was in a complete fucking trance. I couldn't believe that movies this beautifully hypnotic and seemingly sculpted just for me could even exist. Thinking about what this director was going to with Nicolas Cage just blew my mind, it immediately felt to me as if this was going to be the movie I have waited my entire life to see.

And surely enough, it was, it lived up to every expectation I could have had. Most people walked into this film wanting just a gore film which really rubs me the wrong way. Personally, I would have loved to just see a movie about Mandy and Red living in a cabin together happily ever after. I'll say it one last time, people who complain about the pacing of this film really show their ignorance to the design of it and what Panos Cosmatos had in mind for the substance within it. Having said that, I get why people struggle with the pacing in the sense that it makes the movie feel like the drugs in the film rather than just showing them. I can see that being a turn-off for a lot of people understandably but I love it. The pacing though is really what prevents the film from fetishizing the violence. Mandy to me is the most personal heartbreaking archetype for whoever you really love, you name it. It is devastating and really feels like a real loss when she’s no longer in the film. I feel that this is the most visceral and abstract depiction of grief I have ever seen in a film. It just makes me sad that people wanted this film to be just another gory action-horror movie when it really is lightyears beyond that and all the better for it.

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