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  • Coming 2 America

    Coming 2 America


    “It is also a tradition that times must, and always do, change.”

    Prince Akeem Joffer (Eddie Murphy) utters those words near the start of 1988’s "Coming to America," a foreshadowing rejoinder to his kingly father, Jaffe (James Earl Jones), on how he will circumvent Jaffe’s insistence on arranged marriage as has been the Joffer family way in the (fictitious) African nation of Zamunda. Akeem’s gentlemanly perseverance to woo and eventually wed Lisa (Shari Headley), a woman he meets halfway around…

  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run


    After a pair of agreeably absurd feature films, "The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run" transforms the big-screen adventures of its titular goofball into a backdoor pilot for "Kamp Koral," a "Muppet Babies"-ish variation on the long-running TV series. Both the film and the series premiere today in tandem with the launch of Paramount+ (the new name of CBS All Access).

    If incessant third-act flashbacks to toddler times with SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and such are any indication, "Kamp Koral" is…

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  • The Fury

    The Fury


    Brian De Palma carried out that final shot so you didn't think Kirk Douglas swinging across Chicago fire escapes wearing his boxers would be the only amazing sight to see.

  • Coming to America

    Coming to America


    Still to be loved.

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  • Riding the Bus with My Sister

    Riding the Bus with My Sister

    There’s an Ari Aster movie in here somewhere.

  • The Dirt

    The Dirt


    "The Dirt" opens with narration that condemns the 1980s as “the worst fucking decade in human history.” Stupid hair. Shitty clothes. “It fucking sucked,” sneers Nikki Sixx. Moments later, Tommy Lee brings a woman to squirting cunnilingual climax in front of a crowd of cheering partygoers.

    Yes, this new Netflix original film (streaming on the service today) provides a more fundamentally honest portrayal of Mötley Crüe in 120 seconds than "Bohemian Rhapsody" did of Queen in 120 minutes. But is…