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  • Geostorm



    In 2024, yogurt costs $10 per carton. But you can take a single-passenger shuttle to space and, if you're an evil government official planning a coup, a fucking grenade launcher in the trunk of your car. So, opportunity costs. Same goes here for a hilariously outdated sense of '90s globalism with the joie de vivre that really only stems from not giving a damn about anything other than momentum.

  • Drag Me to Hell

    Drag Me to Hell


    Generates the same nervy fright-smiles you see on riders of a rickety rollercoaster clankety-clanking their way toward a plummet. The closer this movie gets to the edge, the noodlier the nerves and the giddier the giggles. That’s because the person behind this fabulously freaky funhouse jaunt is no vacant-eyed carnie with his mind on the clock. Oh, no. Sam Raimi is a greased-lightning guy who gladly gooses the juice on this ride, daring passengers to endure a faster pace.


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  • Battle of the Sexes

    Battle of the Sexes


    Did you know that in tennis, love means nothing? No, really, DID YOU KNOW .. ahem ... THAT IN TENNIS, LOVE MEANS NOTHING? Emma Stone and Steve Carell are fine, but Stone gets only one truly excellent scene in which to shine and Carell's role feels like it has had its empathy clumsily shoehorned in after this film became less of the cultural victory lap it might have seemed to be one year ago. (And I love Fred Armisen, but…

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    BumpIng it up a half-star. Moved even FASTER to me a second time and its deep literary allegories feel even more polished. The best action film since Fury Road, bar none.