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  • Unrest



    “You can disappear so easily simply because someone’s telling the wrong story about you, and there’s no one coming to look for me because no one even knows I went missing.”

    “Unrest” is right up there with “Dear Zachary” as a documentary I would recommend unreservedly without any description of its narrative whatsoever. For it is, as all great documentaries are, about everything – history, medicine, horror, love and escape, with heroes and villains and betrayals and reconciliations, all wrapped…

  • Patti Cake$

    Patti Cake$


    Pressed to pull off an end-zone celebration to end all end-zone celebrations, “Patti Cake$” eventually runs the playbook handed to it with a firm clasp through centuries of inspirational underdog triumphs. It’s still good, just predictably so, unlike much of what comes before – which finds the titular rapping hero scaling the skyscrapers across the Hudson with her fingers, all the easier to try and hold them in her hands. Writer-director Geremy Jasper also avoids easy heartbreak, especially in an…

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  • Voyeur


    Dickhead and Pervy, sort of best friends.
    Narcissistic forever, the boredom extends.
    Duking it out, one slug at a time.
    Dickhead and Pervy, two of a kind.

    Easily one of the most pointless, hopelessly conceived documentaries I've ever seen.

  • Justice League

    Justice League

    Sentences I Never Thought Would Escape My Lips Vol. 352: I’d have rather had Zack Snyder’s version.

    My enjoyment of “Watchmen” and his “Dawn of the Dead” aside, I’m not a Snyder guy. “300” and “Man of Steel” are half-good movies and the rest … no. But I can also feel sympathy for the tragedy that took him and his wife off post-production work for this and understand the business decisions that necessitate a studio like Warner Brothers to press…