Roma ★★★★½

One of, if not the best crafted films of the year. Erverything about this felt masterful and I can’t really find any flaws. 

Emotional investment is at an all time high here, with our main characters being thrown into some of the most devastating events. Possibly the most I’ve cried during a film all year. The acting is so natural you feel like you’re watching real life unfold in s beautifully shot, black and white world. Massive fan of how amazing this film looks.

It’s such a shame that this didn’t get a wider theaterical release. Seeing it at home was nice for the more intimate screening, but the visual expertise here really deserves to be showcased on the biggest screen possible. I’ve yet to see birdbox, but people really should be raving about this film on every platform. This film deserves everything and I hope we see it take home many awards this coming season.