Seven Samurai

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I love long movies and most of them are my favourites and this. This is pure perfection very raw yet cultural. So this is no exception to my love for long movies. Kurosawa managed to take a simple premise and expand into a tale of adventure, friendship and honour, giving every character, even the non-samurai for development. Every one of them except for the bandits are likable and sympathetic. From the wild 菊千代 to the subtle 島田 they managed to make me the audience as a part of the adventure, now I know many films did this but this is absolutely 💯 in doing so, just like my other favourite, Three Colours Red. The action sequences feel so realistic instead like what big budget companies are now doing. The editing is snappy, the camera work is stable, giving us a sense of what war means to those samurai. The fact that this film has an intermission period is legendary and even that in that period, its not wasted because of the aesthetic music score, which is now one of my favourite scores. Akira Kurosawa's execution is brilliant, using silence as a part of the film and making it so effective and subtly. On contrast the fight scene was so satisfying and used not dramatically but very raw. There are so many shots that can be called influential and the greatest. This film absolutely deserves all the love from when it was released till forever.

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