Bloodshot ★★★

Finished watching Bloodshot and definitely it's memento to a whole new level with memory restructuring. I will say the first 2 acts of the film are pretty good. I had doubts about Vin Diesel as Bloodshot but I feel he was okay in the titular role. Sometimes the dialogue did feel cheesy at times, but his performance here was definitely better. Eiza Gonzales and Guy Pearce are amazing as well. For Guy Pearce definitely was an advantage especially he had done Memento with Christopher Nolan back in 2000 and probably coached Vin Diesel for sure during the making of this film. Sam Heughan being the adversary to Diesel's Bloodshot was nice especially he is Diesel's character in someway but at the same time quick tempered which he brings out perfectly. The special effects with the nanites are pretty crazy and the reconfiguration effects felt like photo realistic effects. The only weakness this film had was in the final act since you can clearly see the CGI fest because it was very noticeable and the trailers did show that as well. I feel there were more scenes that they had filmed which would have made it R-Rated and I hope we get an unrated version.