Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★★★★½

Godzilla: King of the Monsters finally a Godzilla film where the Monsters finally get to shine and you see them in action full glory. It is definitely a continuation from the 2014 Gareth Edwards film where you see the buildup of Monsters about to battle but they cut away from the action. Here in this sequel we finally see Godzilla facing of against other titans especially against King Ghidorah. Michael Dougherty who work with Bryan Singer writing the screenplays for X-Men films directing and writing the screenplay for this film was the right choice. He is a fan of the Toho franchise and understands what fans really want and I feel he delivers in this film by showing all the action and mayhem. The Monarch storyline continuing in this film and Charles Dance's character being the rogue British agent having his own agenda furthered the plot in the story. Definitely his character will show up in the sequel they teased a post credit scene as a way to open the doors for another storyline. The battle sequences with the Titans are incredible and at times you can see the monster(s) especially with Godzilla showing little bit of that human expression especially with it's eyes. They really improved with the CGI for all the monsters because they almost pass as real creatures. The greek mythology aspect with the Titans was a nice added element to the story for all the Titans. Even Mothra, Rodan shine in this movie so well and their moments are captured so well in this film. The battle for dominance is the main focus and that was missing in the first film. In King of the Monsters you get to see who will become the undisputed champion. This definitely the Godzilla movie that was needed and I hope Michael Dougherty comes back to direct the sequel he understands the franchise and knows what he wants to bring for Godzilla story.