Justice League Dark: Apokolips War ★★★★½

I just finished watching Justice League Dark: Apokolips War and I will say what a well crafted storyline I feel pushed the limits for all the characters and giving it a bookend storyline. This is far superior to the 2017 Justice League for sure. This version had they shot in live action I would've watched it and that's how good this animated film is. The action and the humor as well steal the show in this film. The pacing, animation with 3D looks really good. The personal character stakes are crafted really well in this film and you get a endgame vibe but at the same time it's also the rebirth for all the characters. It's definitely a comic book storyline comic to life where they sprinkle amazing surprises and twists for the characters such as Superman, Batman, John Constantine, Raven. You even have amazing moments with the Suicide Squad with Harley Quinn and the antics she pulls off in this film is hilarious and the moments she has with Lois Lane are just laugh out loud. The insanity that Harley Quinn brings to the story is just awesome and the way she doesn't go crazy is due to Lois Lane being her and the other Suicide Squad members moral compass. The other important storylines with Raven and Lex Luthor are also integral and it kind of brings full circle especially for Raven and the pain she went through when she suffered at the hands of her father. You get a full blades of glory style battle with Evil vs Evil which in my opinion is just badass. Matt Ryan's Constantine is the connective tissue and the attitude that he brings is exactly like in Legends of Tomorrow. Even other heroes get amazing moments with the likes of Swamp Thing, Etrigan The Demon, Orchid from the Dark Film who are looking for that one final bout wanting to go on a high note. Overall it was a good story and closed the chapter nicely for the characters.