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Under the Skin: The Exalted Horror of Carrie by Emily Edwards

I first heard the plot of Carrie whispered at a slumber party. I was terrified of horror movies — I covered my ears at what my friend deemed “the scary part.” It took years and years for me to watch it. I had myself convinced the atrocities would live in the recesses of my brain forever. Although I’ll admit I didn’t find it that “scary” when I finally pressed play, in a way it did stay with me forever. I…

Eye of the Beholder: Projecting Oppenheimer in 2023 | Story by Travis Bird

Ragtag is an independent cinema running 35mm film whenever possible, but it sometimes seems like we don't get to talk much about why we continue showing on film (I use film throughout to refer specifically to analog film: 70mm, 35mm, and the like.) Why do we contend with faded or worn prints, the difficulty of locating prints, increased shipping and equipment costs, and the need for specialized labor from within our projection corps? 

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Adaptation at Scale | Story by Travis Bird

Before the development of Ragtag's Screentime series came about, parents regularly suggested that it should exist, and Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) was usually the newest title suggested among a long slate of beloved classics. Even as they mentioned the film, people became more and more excited as they recalled it, amplifying their suggestion from "What about" into "You absolutely must." Wes Anderson's exuberant animated film is packed with life, including a sprawling cast of animal and human characters, careening action…

The Uncanny Arcade of Spontaneous Artifacts | Story by Travis Bird

The term experimental film still attracts annoyance, but I wonder if this is actually an expression of frustration. People annoyed by experimental may be saying that while they assume an insider knows what it means, they don’t, because it’s an inadequate descriptor. There are other words used for this kind of work, including artist film and personal film. But while experimental is inaccurate and vague, the other terms are uncomfortably specific. They point directly at one individual maker, often working…

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For Lieutenant Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell and his friend and co-pilot Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw, being accepted into an elite training school for fighter pilots is a dream come true. But a tragedy, as well as personal demons, will threaten Pete’s dreams of becoming an ace pilot.


Two sisters move to the countryside with their father. The girls find a forest full of magic and make a friend in the form of a big bear-like spirit. Silly, sweet, and quietly profound, My Neighbor Totoro parses through the beauty of childhood simplicity alongside Miyazaki's trademark themes of spirituality and environmentalism.


A London school girl with a penchant for martial arts goes off on a daring mission to save her artist sister from the trappings of married life.


Following his mother's death, Beau takes a trip back home. Melding horror and comedy in an ingeniously depraved odyssey, Beau is Afraid imbues new meaning to the term "mommy issues."


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Potentially the greatest animated film ever made. A film that exists in a place outside of time, temporally expansive and reserved simultaneously, transportive to the point of destroying one's perception of moments as they move, from one to the next, weaving in and out of worlds, destroying & creating dimensions and falling deeper into the pull of novel galaxies; a film that makes you feel like a pingpong ball, only the pingpong machine is a swirl of dreamscapes and non-space and realities and outer space and dark matter, fused into a never-ending, reddening rainbow, an arch of colors formed of folklore in the spiraling sky.

No hot takes here, but this is not a 3-hour panic attack. Panic attacks come on fast and without warning—complete debilitating disruptions with what feels like immediate threat to life. This film takes its time, it ruminates, it catastrophizes, and it constructs—however illogical—logical systems and consequences, all of which are explored and exploded to the molecular level. This is living with and through anxiety.
Anxiety as a term is at risk of losing its meaning, and certainly has lost its…

is mary poppins a totoro or is totoro a mary poppins

watched this on eid day mashallah, nida has yet to disappoint me