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  • The Handmaiden
  • Thirst
  • Memories of Murder
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  • Aloners



    Watching TV as you fall asleep, waking up to the noise of the TV, walking outside while listening to music, sitting in the bus while watching your phone, being at work with your headphones on, eating on your own while continuing to consume TV shows.

    Ji-na is constantly finding ways to fill her day with sounds and distractions. There is not a single moment, where she isn't listening or watching something, but all of this artificial.

    Every sound she hears,…

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  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers


    First the obvious, this is not really a Rescue Rangers film. It's really not. At least not the type of Rescue Ranger film, that you'd expect as a fan of the show. Of course, it has the characters, and tries to make sense of everything, but this is all an excuse to create a film, that is all about making references and cameos.

    Most of the references feel like being added just for the sake of it, as it tends…

  • Her Love Boils Bathwater

    Her Love Boils Bathwater


    Death always seems like something that is hard to grasp and understand. Even after years and years of living on this planet, it always feels like something that is far, far away, until it isn't. And then you suddenly get confronted with reality, and the transience of our lives. Of course, I can get all philosophical here, but I will also not understand what this feeling must be like, until I experience it. Knowing for certain that death awaits you…

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  • Silenced



    I can’t remember the last time when I felt this uncomfortable watching a movie. Silenced is a different kind of movie, which I have to appreciate for different reasons. Movies can be a powerful tool to evoke the viewer's feelings and motivation. With movies, you can create fantastic worlds, but also portray the harsh reality. Silenced took the challenge to show the world, what is happening at Gwangju Inhwa School in South Korea. It’s important to mention that we are…

  • Dil Se..

    Dil Se..


    Dil Se.. is a film that feels confident in its ideas and doesn't hold back to portray those in the best way possible, and thus ends up being among the best that Indian Cinema has to offer. Not only in its plot and soundtrack, but also when it comes to the cinematography and its sheer creativity in the use of allegories and symbolism.

    The last time I watched Dil Se.., was when I was a kid. Unsurprisingly, at that age,…