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  • The Christmas House

    The Christmas House


    TV star decorates his parents house and reconnects with his ex-girlfriend. His gay brother gets about 20 minutes of screen time and most of the jokes. It’s pleasant but there’s minimal plot. Everyone’s just waiting for important phone calls. The conflict comes from the manic-depressive mother. She’s darker than most Hallmark characters.

  • A Christmas Movie Christmas

    A Christmas Movie Christmas


    This Hallmark parody sticks to the dull formula it claims to mock. The screenplay needed to break a few rules and introduce some chaos.

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  • Stardust



    A mumbly David Bowie goes on tour while obsessing over his mentally ill brother. This unauthorized biopic suffers from hack writing, a lack of music and a charisma free star.

    REPORTER: What’s this All The Madmen Album actually about?
    (David Bowie flashes back to his mentally ill brother.)
    DAVID BOWIE: I don’t know.
    (David Bowie puts on a dress, snorts cocaine, stares into a mirror)
    (Rinse and repeat for 109 minutes).

  • The Half of It

    The Half of It


    Teen lesbian Cyrano hits familiar story beats. It coasts on the cast's charm and understated direction. Some act three surprises felt inorganic, but the film succeeds more often than it trips.