Zodiac ★★★★½

All the characters trying to solve the case made me wayyyyyyyyyy too obsessed with it, so much so, that I'm probably going to keep up with everything new going on in the Zodiac case very often. If Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Mysterio can't even solve this case completely, I don't know how anyone else will. This is one of those movies that I can come back to however many times and catch something completely new each time because of how deep this case is and because this film has scenes in multiple different dates that span over multiple years with multiple details.

Great acting, amazing editing, completely engaging dialogue, phenomenal directing, and there are so many scenes that honestly had me shaking out of fear even when nothing scary was really being shown. That basement scene at the end with the direction and Gyllenhaal's performance had me so attached and engaged. I had a phenomenal time with this film and I honestly feel like if I spend time thinking about it it could become a Masterpiece in my eyes.

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